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The aircruise is the ultimate way to travel.

With a fully dedicated VIP model aircraft, you will be travelling to select destinations across various countries. Because you are travelling with your 'own' plane, you are not tied to the fixed routes and schedules offered by regular airlines. As such, we can create itineraries that would otherwise be impossible. This is the basis for designing truly unique journeys!

The aircraft is usually a Boeing 737-500 or 737-700. Normally speaking, this aircraft has 159 economy class seats. These seats have been replaced with 56 comfortable business class seats, so there is no lack of space and comfort. The service and catering on-board is of business class quality. The airplane, with the same crew, will remain with the group during the entire aircruise. Each aircruise is accompanied by two experienced tour managers.

For all arrivals and departures, there are no long queues at customs and security. We usually have our own VIP desk and baggage. On our aircruise you can, in addition to the normal cabin hand luggage, bring up to 30 kg per person in maximum of two suitcases. Each aircruise itinerary is unique and is in principle a one-off. Throughout the aircruise you will be staying in luxury or special accommodation and enjoying inspiring excursions create by us. You will enjoy culinary delights from local chefs and learn about local culture and customs.

During the aircruise there will be regular opportunities, if you like, to go your own way, separate from the group. The tour manager will be happy to assist you. Joining an aircruise is not just about taking a holiday, but experiencing the colours and smells of a different world. Travel has nothing to do with holidays and is the only purchase that will make you rich! We strive to offer one or two unique aircruises annually.

Aircruises 2017:

17-day Air Cruise “Pearls of the Orient" 

Aircruises 2018:

17-day Air Cruise "Pearls of Africa"

17-day Air Cruise “Pearls of the Orient"

Air Cruise "Pearls of South America” (will soon be ready)