Air Cruise Collection

The aircruises of Air Cruise Collection are exclusively designed for the world traveller who have experienced most of her,
but are still searching for that new experience. With the Private Boeing 737, which will stay the entire aircruise with you,
a maximum of 56 participants depart to the most beautiful, hidden and unique sceneries spread across the globe. 


Air Cruise Tailor Made

Do you prefer to discover the most unique sceneries across the globe with a private party?
Air Cruise Tailor Mode can exclusively design a private aircruise for you, based upon your preferences and ideas. Do you have a routing in mind?
Please let us know and we will design you a true Journey Beyond Expectations. 



Discover our unique aircruises



Air Cruise Collection offers exceptional travel opportunities on all continents, in almost every country on the
planet, on land, at sea and in the air. On this site you will find some of these extraordinary journeys.


Air Cruise Collection is always looking for the best way to explore the world in style and
combine meaningful personal experiences with the unique pleasures of a destination.


With more than 30 years’ experience in designing and planning trips for experienced and discerning travellers,
Air Cruise Collection knows what it means to deliver valuable and memorable travel anywhere in the world. International travel can
be a significant investment. It is reassuring to know that you are in the hands of people who understand the needs of the traveller.


We distinguish ourselves by making no concessions to creativity, quality and service.

Personal attention

We find it a privilege to give personal attention to each and every traveller's needs. From the first contact until well after the experience of
the journey. Each traveller is unique to us and we know how the needs of the traveller can be translated into a perfectly designed trip.

Most trips at Air Cruise Collection are designed by travel architect Piet Visser.


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